air pollution essay in english With Speech & world air pollution day 2023 + Air Act

Air Pollution Essay
Air Pollution Essay

Short Essay On Air Pollution In English 5 Lines

  1. The meaning of Pollution is Dirt, Impure, or Defect.
  2. Polluting means making something impure.
  3. Pollution is damaging our mother earth in various ways.
  4. There are mainly three types of pollution- air pollution, water pollution, and pollution.
  5. Pollution spread various disease across the world.

10 Lines On Air Pollution In English (Air Pollution Essay 100 Words)

  1. The meaning of Pollution is Dirt, Impure, or Defect.
  2. Polluting means making something impure.
  3. Pollution is damaging our mother earth in various ways.
  4. There are mainly three types of pollution- air pollution, water pollution, and pollution.
  5. Pollution spread various disease across the world.
  6. When impure and harmful gases pollute the air, it is called air pollution.
  7. When contaminated substances mix in the water, it is called water pollution.
  8. Pollution is dangerous to the life of Humans.
  9. Deforestation must be avoided to control pollution.
  10. Planting more and more trees benefits the environment.

Air Pollution Essay 150 Words

Air pollution is not a favorable condition for any living-being. It means there is no element present in the composition of the natural air.

This pollution comes under the category of environment pollution that affects air quality. For getting the grip of air pollution, the early morning starts from the layer of fog and seeing the substance is not quite clear.

Either smoke or harmful gas leads you on the curve of air pollution. If any living being is bound to reside in this ecology, then it is hard to live life as much as you can.

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
bad hair days are okay,
but bad air days will screw you.

Generally, air pollution happens in your surrounding as you burn coal, wood and any other fuel. As you burn any non-recyclable product around your living area, the produced fumes and smokes worsen air quality.

The breathing air comes in the interaction of oxides of oxygen, Sulphur and nitrogen. It has the effect of a poison whose identification is not easy.

Air Pollution Essay 200 Words

Air pollution is nothing than a bit drop in the quality of air only. The air quality comes in a bad stage through entering the solid, liquid and gas particles.

This unexpected effect in the air comes due to the arrival of oxide, hydrocarbon and other toxic gases effect. The pollution can be classified according to their occurrence that kills the natural effect.

However, it is seen that many pollutants come in air with the natural resource. There is no participation of the external material. The lists of this pollutant are dust, sea salt, volcanic ashes, and gases.

So, there is no need to complain about external causes only. Some of the pollutants are human-made due to achieve the short term comfort. The human and natural being has adopted this pollutant.

The health effects of air pollution imperil human lives,
This fact is well-documented.

The pollution is described as the primary and secondary pollutants. The primary pollutants are those that damage air quality and its index value directly. 

The best example of the primary pollutants is that made from the exhaust fumes from the car, scooter, dust storm, thunder stroke and ash from the volcanic cell eruption.

Secondary pollution is made from the chemical reaction and laboratory test for checking the quality of a certain object. To stay away from this problem, there is the utilization of the standard chemical laboratory test.

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Air Pollution Essay In English 300 Words


Air pollution is an environmental issue that negatively affects the ecosystem. Humans are wired to think about what happens to them in the current time and very few tend to think about the future.

As industries, agro farms and human activity continue to contribute to air pollution, people are not affected immediately and therefore do not participate in control and prevention programs.

Air is one of the most valuable gift from Mother Earth because all animate and inanimate objects on earth depend on it for survival.

Without air, animals and humans would not have the privilege to breathe and plants would not have air exchange processes.

Short speech on Air Pollution

Air pollution means mixing of external hazardous gases and particulate matter in the air, which ultimately route inside our body through inhalation. These gradually lead to respiratory disorders and hence affect the health of human beings. Hence nowadays air pollution is becoming a major concern for humanity.

Future Effects of Air Pollution

The future of human and animal life will be doomed by the increasing pollutants being released to the atmosphere.

The accumulation of pollutants in the next ten years will have deleterious effects because a combination of toxic chemicals, radiations and harmful gases will have been accumulated.

Climate change will be unnatural and dangerous, for e.g., the rise of sea level, intense global warming effects, and extreme of drought and storms.

Would the earth be habitable with these crazy effects? When these extremities of climate change are reached, it would be irreversible.

Food supply chain will also be adversely affected because plants will have toxins due to acid rain and therefore diseases and death will result from consumption of these toxins.

The economy will be negatively affected because health will deteriorate as well as the quality of items for trade especially food crops.

Challenges in Prevention of Air Pollution

Air pollution prevention programs are ineffective due to challenges. Finances are inadequate especially for developing countries to achieve the goals of air pollution prevention.

The government and individuals lack the motivation due to misplaced priorities and policies.


Our future generations have a birth right to breathe clean air. India is at the brink of witnessing a national catastrophe if immediate measures are not taken to condemn Air Pollution.

Awareness on this grave topic must be created on a large scale so that our daily practices are not contributing to these problems. All Indians must pledge and take concrete steps to eliminate air pollution.

I spend a year at the Hoover Institute at Stanford,
researching market approaches to air pollution control.

Essay On Air Pollution 350 Words


Air pollution is a major threat to today’s growing world. Every day the rate of air pollution in the atmosphere is getting to a higher rate.

This is usually due to the pollutants released into the air through many human activities.

It is important for the present generation to know the threat behind this situation and to control it before it destroys the atmosphere.

World Air Pollution Day

The first International Day of Clean Air for blue skies is being celebrated on 7 September to boost cooperation to tackle air pollution and provide clean air for all.

The key message is that air pollution is now the greatest environmental threat to health, but it is preventable. We have the solutions and technology to change this. To improve our air quality we need everyone on board –from individuals to private companies to governments.

Causes of Air Pollution (causes of air pollution essay)

1. Industrialization

Industrialization is one of the biggest reason behind the increased air pollution. Use of high chemical ingredients and fuel materials cause pollutants to merge in the atmosphere.

These particulates released will highly contaminate the fresh air. These contaminations will form a thick layer over the earth’s surface that causes many hazardous situations.

2. Automobile

The release of carbon monoxide is another undeniable reason for this atmospheric pollution. When the fuel gets burnt in vehicles they release harmful gases to the outer world, which in turn pollutes the whole air around.

This wouldn’t have been a serious problem if the number of vehicles that release such harmful gases was less in number.

But in the present world, there are more vehicles on road and thus increasing their effect on the environment.

3. Waste Disposal

Disposal of wastes, whether biological, plastic or e-waste, without proper treatment, also contribute to air pollution.

Burning plastic will produce many harmful gases, which will be a threat to the surrounding atmosphere and cause serious breathing problem in people.

This applies to e-wastes too. Biological wastes while decomposition releases the foul smell. Disposal of waste in an authorized manner is an important task.

4. Cutting Trees or Deforestation

Green leaves absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during days to produce food using the process photosynthesis.

This process helps the atmosphere to maintain its balance with gaseous compositions. But in this modern world, we humans have made too many buildings cutting down these precious lifesavers.

Deforestation and destruction of plants have affected the rate of carbon composed gases in the atmosphere that resulted in a comparatively lesser rate of oxygen.

Oxygen is the only gas that keeps us alive. Saving trees and green plants will not only clean the atmosphere but also help us to live this life happily.


It is our responsibility to keep this atmosphere neat and clean. We can accomplish this task by taking good care of our nature and avoid doing things that cause air pollution.

Plant more trees and avoid the use of vehicles every step you take. Reduce the amount of harmful gas being released into the atmosphere.

Approximately 80% of our air pollution stems from hydrocarbons released by vegetation,
so let’s not go overboard in setting and enforcing tough emission standards from man-made sources.

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Air Pollution Essay In English 1000 Words


Pollution is a major environmental issue that has challenged the country. Air pollution is the contamination of air by harmful substances that get introduced into the air.

Air pollution is widespread and it continues to expand. With the growing population, a widespread air pollution is continually realized.

This is a great challenge to both the citizens and the government because they are negatively affected by the consequences of air pollution.

The country is affected by air pollution in almost all aspects but mostly the health effects are more adverse than the others. Air pollution is not only a threat to human life but also to animals, visibility, plants and odors.

Causes of Air Pollution in India

Release of pollutants into air can occur either naturally or due to human intervention. Natural causes of air pollution rarely occur and they are not widespread compared to human interventions causing most of the pollution.

Natural causes include eruption of volcanoes whereas human interventions include, greenhouse gas emissions, fuel combustion, industrial gases and wastes that have not been carefully disposed. These pollutants contain harmful substances e.g., lead and gases like Sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide and monoxide and nitrogen oxide.

The most harmful gas is Sulphur dioxide and lead substances suspensions in air result in adverse health effects. India experiences traffic congestion, which causes an increased emission of carbon into the air.

Carbon is the commonest pollutant in India due to daily combustion of fuel and biomass. Biomass consists of fuel wood, cow dung and wastes from crops. Cooking fuel in India is mainly derived from combustion of biomass. Biomass combustion emits a lot of smoke compared to other forms of combustion.

The smoke resulting from biomass combustion is usually thick and concentrated. This human activity takes place both in urban areas and rural areas because it is sort of cultural practice. With the increase in population, the increase of biomass combustion increases and this is a trend that should be handled.

Effects of Air Pollution

Air pollution causes challenges in form of the effects it has on the ecosystem. Once the air is polluted, every living thing that is dependent on air for life support is affected negatively. There effects are health related both in animals and human beings, for plants, the quality is reduced.

The poisonous substances in the atmosphere harm the body systems of human beings especially the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Air pollution also results in the formation of acid rain that causes harm to plants. Acid rain can be consumed by unsuspecting individuals and they could develop illnesses from the chemical content in acid rain.

Global warming is a major environmental consequence of air pollution. Global warming results from the destruction of the ozone layer by harmful substances and gases emitted to the atmosphere. Destruction of the ozone layer has been gradually happening and the consequences have been experienced in most parts of the world.

Global warming causes an irregular and abnormal change in weather for example the intensity of the sun’s hotness has greatly increased in most parts of the world and this causes a generalized rise in temperature of the world’s surface.

Global warming has affected all aspects of life especially the agricultural sector because growth patterns of plants has been negatively affected. The impact of global warming is expected to continue over the years because greenhouse gases are still being emitted. The effects of global warming differ from region to region depending on the change in season e.g., excessive rainfall and snowfall or excessive heat and heat waves.

Prevention of Air Pollution in India

Efforts made towards prevention of air pollution vary depending on the approach used. In response to the adverse effects that are being experienced and the challenges that are faced, prevention methods of air pollution have been initiated. The first approach was intended to control the rate of air pollution.

In controlling air pollution, the emission of greenhouse gases have to be reduced through the use of better energy sources like electricity. Electricity has been installed in both urban and rural areas in India. The industries have also been regulated to filter their gaseous wastes before release to the atmosphere.

WHO (World Health Organization) reported high incidence of death resulting from air pollution and it proposed strategies for handling air pollution as a public health emergency. The strategies to be implemented included the air cleaning project.

The government has also implemented strict policies on the waste disposal systems in the country. The government, through the environmental ministry, has made use of the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) to monitor the air pollution in the country with aims of reducing it.

Adoption of modern energy generation advancements so that old models of energy creation that cause air pollution can be eliminated. Biomass combustion causes a lot of carbon release yet the energy produced is insufficient and the process is exhausting.

New advancements like the use of electrical and solar appliances in cooking results in a controlled state of gas emission to the atmosphere. It is upon the people to embrace these modern methods and accept change. Public awareness is a key aspect in change implementation because if the public is well educated, accepting change will be easier.

Control of Air Pollution

As we have seen that there are many negative effects of air pollutants, it is very important to control it. This damage because of air pollutants has reached a critical level and because of this, there are even harmful radiations that are coming into the Earth’s atmosphere.

Control measures need to be taken so that the pollutants can be reduced in air.Some of the common control measures include using alternative fuel sources for vehicles as well as cooking, promoting use of public transport, minimizing vehicular exhaust, massive afforestation programs so that there are many trees to absorb polluting CO2, proper treatment of air that is emitted from factories, and many such others. Recycling efforts at the grassroots level will help in improving the environment.

Along with all these measures, there should be educational and awareness programs that will help people understand that this is a life threatening issue that needs to be taken seriously.There are certain government initiatives also in place. There is now improved air quality monitoring which helps people understand the significance of this problem in India. There are action plans that are put together to ensure that strict action is taken so that all cities have to maintain certain clean air standards.

Air Pollution in India

India is suffering from one of the worst air pollutions. According to 2017 State of Global Air Report by Health Effects Institute, there was almost 150% increase in the number of deaths due to air pollution in India between 1990 and 2015.

The nation’s capital is choked with air filled with pollutants. It has been declared as a public health emergency. The particulate matter from the capital is spreading to nearby rural areas and they are affected by the polluted air as well.

Because of this problem, the government had to close schools, implement odd-even vehicle number scheme, and increase parking charges in the capital. There were other measures like five-day ban on construction and demolition in Delhi.

It is not only the metro cities that are the cause behind this problem. Rural areas contribute just as much to this issue. Rural households use biomass as cooking fuel which produces pollutants. Practices like burning of crop stubble are also common.

Polluted air can move from these areas to major cities and combine with pollutants in air that are present because of traffic, factory emissions and even construction dust. According to a report in WHO, there are higher chances of mothers delivering babies that are underweight in households that use biomass fuels. Poverty is one reason behind people still using this cooking fuel.


In conclusion, air pollution challenges have been felts globally because life processes have been interfered with. The government and citizens have a collective responsibility in the prevention and control of air pollution.

The effects of air pollution will reduce upon the reduction of air pollution. Although people do not have enough resources to repair the damage caused by air pollution, the prevention will gradually show improvements.

Air pollution is terrible for our children. Every single scientist, every single doctor will tell you the same thing: Air pollution damages our children’s brains, their hearts, and their lungs.

FAQs on Air Pollution Essay

Question 1. What is Air Pollution?
Answer: When the harmful and impure gases like methane and CO2 mixed into the air, and pollute the air, this is called air pollution. Air pollution is very harmful to every creature on earth.

Question 2. Is Air pollution a serious issue?
Answer: Yes, the existence of air pollution is the burning question for all planet people. Do not live in this risky environment otherwise, you are ready to beat some incurable disease.

Question 3. What will happen in case you do not stop air pollution?
Answer: In case you do not stop the major causes of air pollutions, then there is not easy to handle the lungs related problem. Moreover, you face the breathing issue as well.

Question 4. How can we prevent air pollution?
Answer: Taking the bold step in your daily life chore, it becomes easy to handle the air pollution effect. Ride rarely on a car or motorbike. Use the bike and walk on foot.Buy the fuel which as less fuel efficiency.

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