New 🌏 Environmental Protection Essay 2023 | let’s save Our environment


We are well aware of this word.

We have to save our environment, but there are still many people who are harming the environment only for money. Let’s read an essay on saving the environment. The environmental protection essay is written based on different word limits, useful for both school and college students.

environmental protection essay
environmental protection essay

Few Lines On Environment Day For Class 1 (5 Lines)

  1. The environment plays the most significant role in the preservation and survival of every lifeform on the face of the earth.
  2. It is from the environment itself that we get the benefits of various natural resources such as land, water, and air.
  3. The environment needs to be protected and saved at all costs.
  4. Due to various harmful human and human-made activities, the environment has been subjected to irreparable damage.
  5. The environmental damage leads to other crises of global warming, floods, droughts, etc.

100 Words Essay On Save Environment

  1. The environment plays the most significant role in the preservation and survival of every lifeform on the face of the earth.
  2. It is from the environment itself that we get the benefits of various natural resources such as land, water, and air.
  3. The environment needs to be protected and saved at all costs.
  4. Due to various harmful human and human-made activities, the environment has been subjected to irreparable damage.
  5. The environmental damage leads to other crises of global warming, floods, droughts, etc.
  6. If we do not take immediate measures to preserve and rescue the environment, it will have a reverse and negative impact upon us.
  7. There can be many ways to bring about environmental protection.
  8. Decreasing the exploitation of plants, trees, and forest cover. Events such as Van Mahotsav and planting of trees should be facilitated.
  9. The number of power plants, fume-based gasses, and vehicles should decrease, especially in the metro cities. This will reduce air pollution.
  10. The protection of the environment should be the primary concern.

Save The Environment Essay In English 125 Words

Environment is the basis of our survival and the earth’s existence. The environment is the total of the natural surroundings around us. Environmental protection thus refers to the protection and saving of the environment from the dire impact of human and human-made activities.

The Earth is what we all have in common.

Environmental protection is an important issue because the environment is on its way to degradation. Protecting the environment to save it from the damage done by humans and other factors is known as environmental protection.

The atmosphere is in a very adverse condition right now due to the various unchecked and extreme activities being carried out regularly by humans. The situation has come to such a pass, that the matter to conserve the environment needs to be addressed immediately without any further delay.

The government should make it obligatory for people to cater to a few urgent environmental needs. Moreover, various effective policies and programs should be implemented for the successful exercise of ecological protection.

Environmental Protection Essay Essay In English 150 Words

Our environment needs to be protected and conserved. Conservation of our natural energy is significant as it sustains us.

There are multiple ways of protecting our environment, the first being to decrease the levels of pollution.

Since the smoke emitted by vehicles cause a lot of pollution, using Natural Gas as a fuel for cars will reduce the emission of smoke.

Battery driven automobiles are also eco-friendly. We can also use solar energy to protect our natural resources. Solar energy is renewable and causes no pollution.

We must refrain from duping waste and factory remnants into the waters. A program like Namami Gange aims to clean rivers and is a step forward towards a healthier environment.

It is essential to be responsible and do our parts in protecting our environment.

Progress is impossible without change,
and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.

A healthy environment has fresh and bacteria-free air and is not the breeding ground for diseases. To protect our environment, we need to know what we should defend.

Humankind has advanced in many ways, but in our race, we have compromised our natural environment and become the most intelligent and technologically superior species on earth. 

200 Word Essay Save Our Environment (Importance Of Environmental Protection Essay)

The environment is our natural foundation, and we have to take care of it. Our environment plays a massive role in the kind of person we grow up to be.

There are a lot of valid reasons for which we need to save our environment. Our environment has suffered significant threats in the last few decades.

The ever increasing vehicles and pollution have transformed our environment into a mass of smoky mess. Enormous corruption has almost stripped it of fresh air.

A healthy environment has fresh and bacteria-free air and is not the breeding ground for diseases. To protect our environment, we need to know what we should defend.

Humankind has advanced in many ways, but in our race, we have compromised our natural environment and become the most intelligent and technologically superior species on earth.

Large areas of the forest have been cut down to provide residential places to humans. We have cut down trees at our will to make paper and furniture.

Valuable timber and trees with medicinal properties have fallen prey to the slash and burn farming culture.

Time spent among trees is never time wasted.

Nomadic tribes have practiced shifting ax cultivation that has cost us the valuable fertility of the soil. Due to the rapid growth of factories and industrial sectors, chemicals and smoke are regularly released in water and air.

This causes water and air pollution. Humans have also neglected their responsibilities and have dumped garbage anywhere they could.

This leads to land pollution and diseases as insects like flies carry the filth to our bodies and spread harmful viruses.

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Environmental Protection Essay in English

Conservation Of Environment Essay 300 Words


The earth is called the ‘blue planet’ and it is the only one which sustains life but given the rate of anthropogenic exploitation, how long can we get on with our selfish attitude towards the environment?

The kind of damage that has been inflicted is palpable and the need has been felt to save environment sooner rather than later.

The effect of global warming, the increase of greenhouses gases, the depletion of the ozone layer and the alarming levels of pollution are all an indicator of an impending catastrophe.

Until and unless we know how to save environment and take remedial measure, our future is in grave hands.

Too many people complain that the damage is beyond the repair point, however, it is better to put an effort rather the sit and whine.

The environment is capable of healing and all we need is to give it a push in the right direction in order to save environment.

1. Sustainable Living

It is important to understand and imbibe the concept of sustainable living. It is the art of living wherein you use the current resources keeping in mind the needs of the future generation.

We have to be mindful of how what and why we are consuming especially when it comes to the natural and non-renewable resources.

2. Tree Plantation to Save Environment

First of all, we need to come with great afforestation and reforestation schemes to save environment. It is the depletion of the green cover that has done the highest damage.

3. Pollution Mitigation

The next thing one needs to do immediately to save environment is to cut down the pollution level. From the controversial ‘odd-even’ schemes in New Delhi to the policy of banning firecrackers or bike and carpooling, every step counts.

Environment Protection Act, 1986

Environment Protection Act, 1986Act of the Parliament of India. In the wake of the Bhopal gas Tragedy or Bhopal Disaster, the [Government of India] enacted the Environment Protection Act of 1986 under Article 253 of the Constitution. Passed in March 1986, it came into force on 19 November 1986.

This act was enacted by the Parliament of India in 1986. As the introduction says, “An Act to provide for the protection and improvement of environment and for matters connected therewith: Where as the decisions were taken at the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment held at Stockholm in June, 1972, in which India participated, to take appropriate steps for the protection and improvement of human environment.

Importance of Saving the Environment

The environment is the main source of life for living things on the earth’s surface. The trends of environmental pollution have compromised the lives of animate objects on earth.

The threat to life has forced living things to survive. Survival is not possible for all organisms and therefore deaths have been experienced, which has to be prevented.

Saving the environment will enable the nature to thrive again and reduce the survival needed. The environment will be back to its rich resourceful nature.

The Conclusion

So if you want to save environment, you need to be prepared to put in the best of efforts. It is the cumulative effort over a collective period of time which can help the environment heal again.

He that plants trees loves others besides himself.

Save The Environment Essay 400 Words (What Is The Importance Of Environmental Protection Essay)


“Save Environment” is a mantra that has developed to represents several acts aimed at preserving the sanctity of our environment.

Our environment suffers from several risk factors. Some of them stem from human interference while others are natural occurrences.

Whether caused by humans or not, what is clear is that we must take action. Doing nothing might lead to severe consequences for our environment.

These conscious acts are generally aimed at reducing greenhouse emissions thereby creating a safer environment.

Acts that Save the Environment

We already know that we must take action to save environment. It is also important to point out the types of action we must incorporate into our daily lives to keep our environment safe.

1. Control electricity consumption

Most of the powers we consume are not from renewable energy sources. While the world would be better served by renewable energy sources, it would be prudent to control electricity consumption in the meantime.

To do this, we must curb wastage. Little acts like turning off the bulb would make a big difference in the long run.

2. Consume less water

As the world population grows, water scarcity is becoming a profound problem. While scientific advances to solve the world water problem, more immediate action is needed for a safe environment.

Thus, we must inculcate the habit of consuming less water through water conservation practices.

3. Paper reduction

The paper we use comes from trees. These trees are cut down from their natural habitat leaving our environment exposed to the risk of global warming.

To save our environment, we should embrace digital tools at our disposal and use less of paper. By doing so, we would reduce the demand for paper which invariably leads to less tree cutting.

4. Reuse

Most of the materials we use in our daily lives are not actual waste. They can be recycled and subsequently used for something else.

Thus, when we use things such as plastic, elastic, metal and more, we should not simply throw those things away.

With the right machinery and foresight, they can be turned to materials that translate into a safe environment.

environmental protection day

The United Nations designated 5 June as World Environment Day‘ to highlight that the protection and health of the environment is a major issue, which affects the well-being of peoples and economic development throughout the world.

The celebration of this day provides us with an opportunity to broaden the basis for an enlightened opinion and responsible conduct by individuals, enterprises and communities in preserving and enhancing the environment.

Ways of saving the Environment?

Formulating strategies for unifying people to initiate the saving of the environment.

Saving the environment is a collective responsibility that requires cooperation and collaboration from organizations, societies, governments and individuals so that an effort is realized.

Global call should be made so that the project to save environment is initiated as a whole.

Proper handling of waste materials should be done so that pollutants do not end up in the environment. The policy of recycling and reusing the recyclable and reusable wastes is a good way to save environment.

Another strategy is effective planning of the cities according to the resources that are available. Cities that are unplanned end up in environmental crisis because the population might rise beyond what the environment can support.

Also, crowding causes environmental pollution because there will be clearing of natural trees in order to build houses for people to live in.

Supporting of environmental programs by participating in activities aimed at saving the environment is another way to save environment.


To conclude, living in a safe environment goes beyond the actions mentioned above. The extent of our involvement cannot be exhausted to one single article.

However, if we stay conscious of our environment and do not relent in taking steps that are pro-environment we would make our world a better place.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
committed citizens can change the world,
indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

Environmental Protection Essay In English 500 Words


Environment refers to the natural surroundings and conditions in which we live. Unfortunately, this Environment has come under serious threat.

This threat is almost entirely due to human activities. These human activities have certainly caused serious damage to the Environment. Most noteworthy, this damage risks the survival of living things on Earth.

Therefore, there is an urgent need to save the Environment. 

World environment protection day

This day is celebrated on 26 November every year to raise global awareness of the need to take positive actions to protect environment. This event is organised by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

Past three decades, it is realised that protecting the global environment is one of the major challenges across the globe. More than ten global environment treaties and few hundreds of regional and bilateral agreements are laid down.

This took the synergy at the 1992 UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED or the Earth Summit) held in Rio de Janeiro. This was the turning point for international environmental policy.

There were two critical concerns taken up by the nations, which are environmental protection and economic development. The Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) was also established with aim to integrate environment and development into the UN system.

Ways of Saving Environment

First of all, planting trees should be given massive attention. Above all, a tree is the source of oxygen. Unfortunately, due to construction, many trees have been cut down.

This certainly reduces the amount of oxygen in the environment. Growing more trees means more oxygen. Hence, growing more trees would mean better life quality.

Similarly, people must give attention to forest conservation. Forests are vital for the Environment. However, deforestation certainly reduces the area of forests around the World.

The government must launch programs to conserve the forests. The government must make harming forests a criminal offense.

Soil conservation is yet another important way to save the Environment. For this, there must be control of landslides, floods, and soil erosion.

Furthermore, there should also be afforestation and tree plantation to conserve the soil. Also, terrace farming and using natural fertilizers are some more ways.

Waste management is a powerful way of protecting the environment. There must be proper disposal of wastes. Most noteworthy, this would help to keep the surroundings healthy.

The government must ensure to clean the streets and other polluted land areas. Furthermore, there should be toilets in every house. Also, the government must provide enough public toilets.

Pollution is probably the biggest danger to the Environment. Smoke, dust, and harmful gases cause air pollution. These causes of air pollution come from industries and vehicles mostly.

Furthermore, Chemicals and pesticides cause land and water pollution.

Challenges in Saving the Environment

The environment has been greatly damaged and it requires a lot of effort to restore it. Limited resources for example finances poses a challenge to the project to save the environment.

Climate change affects the restoration processes like planting trees because the trees might not be favoured by the climate to grow back as expected.

Political instabilities in countries cause stagnation in the process of saving the environment because they always lag behind.

Benefits of Saving Environment

First of all, the world climate will remain normal. Harming the Environment and causing pollution have caused global warming.

Due to this many humans and animals have died. Hence, saving the environment would reduce global warming.
The health of people would improve. Due to pollution and deforestation, the health of many people is poor.

Conserving the Environment would certainly improve the health of people. Most noteworthy, saving Environment would reduce many diseases.

Saving Environment would certainly protect the animals. Extinction of many species will not take place due to saving Environment. Many endangered species would also increase in population.

The water level would rise. Damage to Environment has severely reduced the level of groundwater. Furthermore, there is a scarcity of clean drinking water around the World.

Due to this, many people fell ill and die. Saving Environment would certainly avoid such problems.


In conclusion, Environment is a precious gift on this planet. Our Environment is facing a big danger. Saving Environment is the need of the hour.

Probably, it is the biggest concern of Humanity right now. Any delay in this regard could be disastrous.

The environment is where we all meet,
where we all have a mutual interest,
it is the one thing all of us share.

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